On Saturday Bitcoin rebounded after undergoing some major tumble in the last 4 days. This tumble actually drew the attention worldwide to the unregulated market of $500 billion market. This is more popularly known as bubble. This tumble was the best when dealing with the second level digital coins. When the cryptocurrency traders gained back confidence then Litecoin went up by 12% and Bitcoin went up by 21%. Though this Bitcoin cannot be regarded as the most volatile cryptocurrency but it can surely be considered to be the largest. It surely shook the entire world of digital coins. The world of digital coins actually had to suffer a lot and there were a lot of warnings issued in the entire week.

Coinbase which is considered to be one of the largest trading platforms said that both buys, as well as sells, were temporarily unavailable on Friday. They were however later re-enabled. Nothing major happened on Saturday. Yapian who is considered to be the owner of the Bitcoin exchange of South Korea said that the proceedings would close on Tuesday. After this, they would start up with the bankruptcy proceedings. This happened due to the cyber-attack that claimed as much as 17% of the total assets.

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